5 Tips for Building A Landing Page that Converts

5 Tips for Building A Landing Page that Converts

Landing pages are a key addition to any digital marketing strategy, and they play a big part in increasing conversions for specific products and services. Heres how:

Landing pages are a lot like a second date. They are a stand alone page that features a specific product or service that your company wants to sell. Like a second date, you are already equipped with all of the “first date” information and have determined what makes your date (audience) tick. Now that you have this information, you want to show off your features/benefits in hopes of landing that 3rd date. Something like “the beach is thadda way” bicep maneuver might not work every time, so a backup plan is always a good idea.

Leaving out the other irrelevant information that might distract your audience is also important. People have shorter attention spans now than ever before, so keeping it simple and focusing on one idea is crucial. You dont want to start talking about hunting trips if your date is an animal activist!

If your company is currently utilizing landing pages or are looking to create some for a new campaign here are 5 tips to get you started:

1. Your Homepage is NOT a suitable landing page

The purpose of a landing page is to focus on one product or service. Search engine ads are then created around this one idea. Once enticed to click on these ads, the user is brought to the landing page which should elaborate on your ONE idea.

This is the standard process, but all too often we see companies that develop ads around their one idea, but then drive the traffic from those ads to their homepage. This is basically like telling your date, who thinks you are normal at this point, that you’ve had 3 divorces and are currently married. Overwhelmed and confused, this will lead to your date exiting the dinner table, or users exiting your homepage.

Basically, in order to get users to the next stage in the conversion cycle (the 3rd date) it is very important to develop landing pages that help users with their one specific search need.

2. Use consistent messaging between your ads and landing pages

The right message matching between your search engine ad and your landing page is extremely important. You want the user to know that they have arrived at the right place and you want to greet them with information that elaborates on your ad.

Let them know that you are still the cool person from the 1st date! Wrong message matching will freak your audience out and cost you money. It's like following up a first date at the opera with a dinner date to McDonald's. Keep it consistent, and by consistent I do not mean two dates to McDonald’s!

3. Design with the conversion path in mind

The right design is similar to the right message matching. Your search engine ad should reflect your landing page from a design standpoint. Again, you want your user to breath a sigh of relief when they land on your page, knowing that they are in the right place.

Keep it simple. You want to keep the user engaged and on the path to making that conversion, so dont distract them with an overly fancy landing page.

4. Commit to ONE clear call-to-action

Getting the conversion is like locking down that third date at the end of the night. You have to be confident. If you’ve done a good job with all of the previous steps, then you should have the full attention of your audience and they should be more than willing to take the plunge and answer your call-to-action.

What is very important in this step is to make sure that you have a clear call-to-action. You can't lean in for a kiss and then wimp out with a fist bump. You have to keep it cool and keep the user wanting more.

5. Focus on your ABT’s - Always Be Testing

Comparing landing page testing to your dating life might be a bit awkward, so for fear of being accused of polygamy, we will stick to landing page testing in this section.

Testing is the MOST important tactic that you need to incorporate into your landing page strategy, and any other marketing strategies for that matter.

Testing different landing page variations tells you and your company a story about your target audience. It lets you know how they operate. What drives their decisions. What motivates them to act.

Using landing pages is a proven method for increasing your conversions and should be considered for all online marketing campaigns. If you need help building a landing page strategy, or just want some more information then hit us up, we’re pretty good at this stuff (#humblebrag).

Luke Scott
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Luke Scott

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