Acro Media: 14 Years of Growing Pains & Gains

It was 14 years ago today when Acro Media, a brand new company, was born. With enthusiasm, it busted into this world head first ready to take on whatever was in its path. Covered in bright orange fuzzy down, eyes too big for its head, Acro Media stumbled around awkwardly, frankly not knowing its butt from a hole in the ground.

Acro Media was one of the first of its kind, a web development and marketing agency, taking advantage of the new digitally connected world. The world was shifting dramatically with new species of companies popping up everywhere. It was the land of plenty, the last Wild Wild West of the millennium. Companies were living like kings, burning cash quicker than it came. Conventional wisdom was ignored, such as needing to make a profit to survive, but this was short lived coming to an end in 2000 when many went the way of the dodo bird, crushed by the very rules they created.

Food supplies diminished and only the strong survived. With tail feathers smoldering, Acro Media continued on, almost completely oblivious to this first brush with death. This just seemed like part of life and from there, Acro Media carried on a relatively boring life, dodging the occasional predator for the next 3 years.

Looking around, Acro Media discovered it wasn’t growing. Many companies had surpassed its. The stunted growth was blamed on the vast amounts of coffee it drank, but with more careful observation, it turned out to be something much worse. A major shift in structure was required. This was not a simple over the counter prescription; a major surgery was in order. Most companies are scared of the knife, but it’s well known that it’s the anesthesia that gets you and Acro Media was allergic. It flirted with death again while completely shifting the hierarchy organization.

Sure enough, within a few months after the stitches were out and the scars healed, Acro Media began to grow. It was blossoming into an ideal specimen, shedding the down and raging into a fine feathered cock. The hen house had to be modified to double capacity and then tripled. It was still not enough, so another pen was needed to expand even more. Over that 5 year period, Acro Media grew 6.5 times its previous size. Nothing could stop it…or so it was thought.

2009 ended the biggest year in Acro Media’s 14 year history. But over the course of 2010, Acro Media met its match and ended up in a fight with Mother Nature, who happened to be the biggest economic recession to hit since the depression of the early 30s. She came for all the fat, dumb and lazy species out there and Acro Media got the biggest beat down of its life. The world crumbled and to this day, hasn’t fully recovered.

This catastrophe brought Acro Media to its knees, clipping its wings nearly in half and the future was in question. The choice was give up or carry on with what remained, knowing how much hard work lay ahead. With a tarnished image and a battered ego, Acro Media wiped the blood from its brow and got back up.

The last 2 years have been spent in rehabilitation to take out the scar tissue and rebuild. It wasn’t easy, but all the hard work was worth it. With all major change comes opportunity and Acro Media capitalized on every directional change it made.  Acro Media is now celebrating the completion of its 14th year in business, stronger than ever. With many lessons learned, Acro Media is now ready for the next big fight. It truly knows the meaning of what doesn’t kill you, truly makes you stronger. It’s poised for the next big growth spurt, an assertive, but humbled and experienced veteran.

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