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October 23, 2014
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Acro Media client TELUS wins at Canada Post Ecommerce Innovation Awards

We are a pretty modest group at Acro but every now and then it's okay to toot your own horn (Toot, Toot). At the 2014 Canada Post Ecommerce Innovation Awards our client (TELUS) took home the top honours in Best Mobile Experience (Large). This award goes to the retailer that is providing customers with the best overall mobile shopping experience.

So how did we do it? What is our secret to success? When Acro Media sat down with TELUS, they came up with a clear-as-day plan. In three words: Responsive Web Design (RWD). By re-styling the existing design with RWD, the website could determine the type of device from which it was being accessed and format its layout accordingly. This would minimize the need for excessive panning and resizing by users and ensure optimal readability across all devices; Desktop, Tablets, & Smartphones.

What makes for an award winning mobile experience?

Easy Navigation - Phones & Tablets have a smaller screen than a desktop computer, and my chubby fingers can never push the right buttons. So instead of making people zoom in 500x, the flexibility of RWD allows for a proper structure for every screen size.

Seamless M-Commerce Process - Don’t be shy, take their money! You’re a business, the main goal is ROI so don’t make people work to give you their cash. RWD allows for clear & concise CTA’s, easy to read text, and simple check-out processes across all platforms.

Design - Don’t lose your style & creativity just because you’re given a smaller canvas. RWD allows for a visually pleasing appearance and can incorporate multimedia content in a neat & organized layout that translates to all screen sizes.

Is Responsive Web Design important? Should your company look into RWD for your existing site?
In 2014 mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop usage. Currently 56% of Canadians and 61% of Americans own a Smartphone, and they can’t take their eyes off them!

If you want a website that’s so awesome your customers can’t look away from it even while walking.. then chat with us. Our skilled team of developers, designers, and marketers can create a responsive website worthy of a trip in the fountain!

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