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March 20, 2013
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An Ode to the “Drupal” Content Management System

If you haven’t heard yet, over here at Acro Media, our website content management system (CMS) of choice is the open source Drupal. We choose Drupal for various reasons. In an attempt to provide you, (our clients, brand advocates, and friends) transparency in our thought process we will explain this decision.

Drupal Content Management System History

For a professional solutions web development company, Drupal has many attractive features. The following points describe why we think Drupal is great!

  • Drupal is a mature system. Its been around for a while, like 12 years a while. If you look into the history of Drupal it keeps some impressive company, such as Turner Broadcasting, British Medical Journal, The Grammy’s and The White House. The big guys, you know what I am saying?
  • Drupal has a foundation built to scale. We haven’t found anything it can’t handle. Did we mention we work with Telus Mobility, and Yellow Pages?
  • Drupal is constantly improving. As an open source project, Drupal has a large community of over 500,000 developers continuously looking at ways to improve the product. This is reflected in the upgrades and features that accompany new versions of the framework.
  • We are really excited about the upcoming launch of Drupal 8. Drupal 8 will feature updates such as the support of HTML5, a language that represents an exciting evolution of the Drupal platform. This will offer added benefit and function to the end user. Mobile updates include making all of drupal 8’s core themes responsive, and front-end performance improvements. Another exciting upgrade is the multilingual features that will improve the content translation system.

We are sitting here in Kelowna, doing our best web design work. With this comes patiently waiting for summer, warmer weather, beaches and relaxing; but next winter, and the estimated release of Drupal 8 is already on our radar!

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