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Steph Stefansson

Head of Corporate Marketing

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Acro Media offering $4000 tuition subsidy towards College’s new Certificate

As one of North America’s premier users of Drupal we have worked together with Okanagan College to develop a new Drupal Web Developer Certificate ...
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DrupalCon Session: Decode & Reload, Personality Gaps in the Workplace

A candid talk from our CTO Shawn McCabe and Senior Developer Josh Miller on how they have identified their own personality traits and what they do to ...
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DrupalCon Baltimore Session: Drupal Commerce Performance

Our very own Shawn McCabe hosted a great session in regards to Drupal Commerce Performance at last week’s DrupalCon Baltimore.
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How the Drupal POS enhances the Drupal platform

Ecommerce has come to mean much more than simply offering goods for sale online.  People don’t just consume web content anymore; they interact with ...
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Customer Emails That Don’t Suck

Give your customers a great experience, from start to finish So you’ve got a beautiful website, but do the emails you send your customers leave a bad ...
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5 Split Tests That Every Ecommerce Website Needs to Try…

The traffic going to your website is great, your getting tons of people looking at your products and offers…
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Acro Media acquires services division of Commerce Guys

We are excited to announce the acquisition of the Commerce Guys’ service division for the United States and Canada. The move will solidify ...
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Is Your E-Commerce site built for M-Commerce Success?

If you currently have an e-commerce site then you are a part of the growing m-commerce world. There is no way out, mobile commerce and mobile web ...
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Why an Online Marketing Agency is better than a Full Time Employee

So you’ve read the title, now you’ve either clicked because you’re
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Is Your Website Haunted by these Out of Date design Trends?

If this morning you put on bell bottom pants and a ruffled shirt I hope its part of your Halloween costume. Much like fashion trends web design has ...
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