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March 21, 2018
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Catch up with Acro Media at DrupalCon 2018, in Nashville, TN

Discover Drupal Commerce

Acro Media is proud to announce our continued support of the Drupal community and participation at Drupalcon 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This year we will be showcasing our love of Drupal Commerce by demoing the official Drupal eCommerce Demo - Urban Hipster. Also, our team is on the roster for leading two sessions and attending the Drupal Commerce sprint on Friday, April 13.

Find the Acro Media team at booth #803

Sessions and Demos

Session: One Entry Point - Commerce for Online and Real World Transaction

April 11 10:45am-11:45am // Room 101AB (session page)

Becky ParisottoJosh MillerJoin Becky, Director of Business Development, and Josh, Senior Programmer, as they review the state of the Drupal Point of Sale as it integrates with Drupal Commerce 2. Josh will compare and contrast fulfillment in the new shipping and inventory modules, and talk about a new module that handles requesting products from your suppliers and updates store stock. Becky will walk us through what Drupal Commerce is capable of in the way of “powering your business” and truly being the end to end backend brain for finances, accounting, product management, customer management, shipping, fulfillment, stock, inventory and community.

Meet with Becky  Meet with Josh

Session: How Memory Works in PHP and Its Hidden Costs

April 11 2:50pm-3:15pm // Room 101C (session page)

Shawn McCabeJoin Shawn, CTO, as he goes behind the scenes and teaches about how PHP uses memory when it runs your code. PHP's ease of use and low barrier to entry has side effects to how memory is used - sometimes using memory differently and in places you didn't expect. If you're doing small pages that load quickly, for a low traffic site, this probably won't even be noticeable unless things go quite wrong. Once you get into heavy pages on high traffic sites, or even worse, long running background processes, then knowing a bit more about the memory you're using can help a lot.

Meet with Shawn

Drupal Commerce Demo - Urban Hipster

Mike HubbardFind Mike Hubbard at the Acro Media booth giving demos of Drupal Commerce and answering questions on how to setup and configure Drupal Commerce. Don’t know Mike? He’s the creator of the Urban Hipster Drupal Commerce demo site. Check it out for yourself and preorder your FREE DrupalCon t-shirt!

Meet with Mike


Collaborate with Acro Media!

There are many ways to join forces with Acro Media. Whether it is suggesting new contrib initiatives, participating in the evolution of Drupal Commerce, or finding ways to work together, there is a team member waiting to talk with you in Nashville.

Shae InglisShae Inglis, President/CEO, Co-Founder

Shae’s passion is to continue pushing the Drupal Commerce project forward to new heights - enterprise commerce. Acro Media contributes approximately 3500 development hours per year back to the community. He’s the man with the vision and the budget!

Talk to Shae if you’re interested in why its worthwhile to contribute to Drupal Commerce.

Meet with Shae

Shawn McCabeShawn McCabe, CTO

Shawn will be both presenting and sprinting in Nashville. Shawn is the brain behind the product development at Acro Media. He is the go-to guy to find out where Acro Media spends its contrib efforts. Curious what we will be building next for the community?

Talk to Shawn to get the inside scoop, share your thoughts about what should be next, and see how you can participate in the Drupal Commerce contrib effort.

Meet with Shawn

Becky ParisottoBecky Parisotto, Director of Business Development

Becky has lead and managed some of the biggest Drupal Commerce builds Acro Media has delivered. Her understanding of how Drupal Commerce can fit into a commerce business paired with her numerous Drupal Commerce use cases makes for a great conversation.

Talk with Becky if you want to understand Drupal Commerce as an enterprise commerce platform, and/or want to talk about your next (or first!) Drupal Commerce project.

Meet with Becky

Steve NetzlawSteve Netzlaw, COO

Making things work is Steve’s jam. At Drupalcon, he helps those interested in Drupal Commerce understand what their next step might be based on their current situation. He’ll guide you on how to get started, get technical help, help you understand how you can contribute, or even how you might land that next Drupal Commerce project.

Talk to Steve if you know you want to talk Drupal Commerce with no strings attached.

Meet with Steve


Sprints and Technical Help

Drupalcon is one of our ways we like to give back to the community!

The below team members are eager to answer your questions, give technical guidance, and problem solve those tricky Drupal Commerce hurdles you might be facing. Don’t be shy!

On Friday, April 13, you can find any of the technical team members sprinting and mentoring those new to the community.

Shawn McCabe
Shawn McCabe, CTO Profile

Josh Miller
Josh Miller, Senior Developer Profile

Sean Wickham
Sean Wickham, Director of Development Profile

Mike Hubbard
Mike Hubbard, Frontend Developer Profile


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