Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - April 20th 2016

So we’re going to start doing a weekly blog post on what is currently happening in Drupal Commerce, starting with how things are going in Drupal 7 and progressing into Drupal 8 as Drupal Commerce 2.x gets closer to release. There is a weekly meeting on Wednesday, so we will usually be releasing a blog article on Thursdays.

Our pledge to have a list of supported modules is underway, we’ve been working through triaging and cleaning up the issue queues for Commerce Discount and Commerce Coupon. We haven’t made as much progress as I would like yet, as there is a significant backlog to work through, but hopefully we can help get some new releases pushed soon.

On the Commerce POS front things are looking up, we’re setup to add a bunch more functionality in conjunction with a client project, with needed functionality like barcode label reprinting and improved searching. We will also be adding in support for payment terminal integration through Paymentree. Development work should begin in a week or so on this.

Also on the POS front, we’d love more feedback on it so we can maybe get a beta2 going and work closer to a stable 1.0 release.

New Releases

Commerce Kickstart Security Release
Some of the associated modules in Commerce Kickstart had security releases, so a new version of Commerce Kickstart has been released.

Upcoming Releases is changing the endpoint of their API, so a new release of Module is schduled for the end of April. We have been reviewing patches and attempting to get any pending or nearly completed work wrapped up in time for this release.

Commerce Discount
Commerce Discount only has one remaining blocker preventing it from having a Beta release. If we can get the patch committed, a Beta release can be made and we may even be able to roll all the Commerce Discount Extras functionality back into the main release.

If you’ve got anything you would like to add to our weekly posts or just want to yell at me for whatever reason, hit me up on twitter @shawnmmccabe

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