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August 6, 2014
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Cutting-Edge Content Marketing

Content Marketing has more meaning now than ever before. It used to be that Content Marketing referred to a brainless tactic by which companies simply identified keywords/phrases and included these (as many times as possible) in a menial blog post, or in some other online publication that had no value for the readers whatsoever. Despite the lack of effort and relevance, this type of content used to boost rankings: but these ‘Content Pirates’ met their match a couple of years ago.

Matt Cutts, the head of Google's Webspam team and a name feared by many “SEO experts”, has spent the last few years updating Google algorithms to eliminate this type of content manipulation. Panda 4.0 is the most recent algorithmic update, and is intended to provide searchers with the best and most relevant search results yet. The new update is also intended to level the playing field for small businesses by recognising that big businesses have bigger budgets for content writing. The key now is to focus on great quality content.

Basically, posting for the sake of posting might not hurt your rankings, but it won't improve them either. New-Age Content Marketing should be about the following:

Creating Value for the Reader — Create content that people want to read! Think “Newsworthy”. Here is an example (link no longer available) of how NHV Natural Pet Products provided added value for their readers by posting the top tips for traveling with a pet this summer.

Being Relevant to People’s Interests — Focus on fresh ideas. Quoting and linking to relevant content on the web (hot topics) is also a good idea, as long as the content is used fairly and not plagiarised. Here is an example of how Tyler MacDonald Criminal Defence related an important current event to his practice.assurant_0.gif

Focusing on your Company’s “Fortes” — Discover and create engaging content which relates to your business. It’s what you do best. Make sure all of your channelsare working together.  Here is an example (link no longer available) of a fun post by Assurant Solutions’ Blog, Consumer View which focuses on the vehicle insurance part of their business.

Providing Some Entertainment — Along with quality information, maintain an entertaining tone. Keep the reader engaged, tug at their emotions, and surprise them occasionally. Here is an example of how Acro Media Inc. focused on some big statistics to surprise the reader.

“Sharing” your New Content — “Sharing” your blog post or other content on social media helps to spread the word and get that original piece out there among your peers and prospective customers. Here is an example (link no longer available) of how Crave Furniture utilizes social media buttons at the bottom of their posts to help increase “sharing”.

The importance of quality content in the digital world today continues to increase, and it will only become more and more important as upgraded algorithms continue to be released. Acro Media Inc. knows a thing or two about Content Marketing, and we would love to help you set up a strategy for success. Hit us up for a consultation!

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