Drupal Commerce Contrib Could Use Some Extra Love

Drupal Commerce Contrib Could Use Some Extra Love

In an effort to bring more focus to our contrib efforts and help the Drupal Commerce ecosystem, Acro Media will be providing development help to a small list of the most commonly needed contrib modules for Drupal Commerce. We will help with triaging, patching, review, etc. to maintain a useable standard of quality out of the box. We’re especially looking for modules that need some serious love, like Commerce Discounts vs ones that are already pretty smooth like Commerce Stock

We figure we can provide support to about 20 modules at most right now. We are looking for recommendations and feedback on what 20 modules these should be, we have a bit of a slant towards modules we already maintain, but we’re open to suggestions.

We are NOT looking to take over modules from people or make them “our” modules, just want to provide extra support and help where we can. If someone wishes to add us as a maintainer or have us take over maintenance, we can do that, but it is not our goal.

Time will be spread out between our development staff, but we’re looking to dedicate about 1 full developer worth of time to this, with any extra time going to new modules, modules outside this list and 8.x work.

Proposed List

  • Commerce Discount (roll Discount Extras in)
  • Commerce Coupon**
  • Commerce Shipping**
  • Commerce UPS
  • Commerce Fedex
  • Commerce USPS
  • Commerce Canada Post
  • Commerce POS*
  • Commerce Fulfillment*/Shipment/Box (see about combining)
  • Commerce Reporting**
  • Commerce Google Analytics
  • Commerce Multicurrency
  • Commerce Message**
  • Commerce Feeds/XLS Import**
  • Commerce Migrate**
  • Commerce Customizable Products**
  • Commerce Wishlist*
  • Commerce Physical**
  • ???

* Acro Media Maintained or Co-maintained
** Commerce Guys Maintained or Co-maintained

If you want to suggest different modules or recommend changes to our list, tweet me @shawnmmccabe, hit me up on IRC @smccabe on #drupal-commerce or just come and yell at me in person at MidCamp in Chicago. 

Want to learn more about why we use Drupal Commerce? Visit https://www.acromediainc.com/drupal-commerce

Shawn McCabe
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Shawn McCabe

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