Drupal Commerce Sprint Kelowna (July 11th-15th, 2016)

Drupal Commerce Sprint Kelowna (July 11th-15th, 2016)

Our friends the Commerce Guys are coming to Kelowna to visit us July 11th-15th for a week of Drupal Commerce sprinting, planning and hopefully some excellent Kelowna weather.

We will be culminating this with a big sprint on Thursday with as many hands as we can muster up, with the goal of doing as much module porting to D8 as is humanly possible.

If you are a local Drupal Dev who wants to come jam with us during any of these days, hit up our contact form or tweet me (@shawnmmcabe). If you’re brand new to Drupal and looking to get started sprinting, sorry, we won’t be doing any new contributor mentoring at this time and this sprint will be for those with previous Drupal contrib experience. If you are interested in learning how to sprint let us know, we are always looking for opportunities to run events that open the world of Drupal to newbies.


Tuesday July 12th

Commerce 2.x Sprinting w/ Commerce Guys and Acro Media Senior Devs

Wednesday July 13th

Commerce 2.x Sprinting w/ Commerce Guys and Acro Media Senior Devs

Thursday July 14th
  • Full Acro Media Sprint, Commerce Guys plus all of Acro Media
  • Teams take on contrib modules that need to be ported, sprint to try and get a dev or alpha release up.
  • Drupal Commerce 2.x Presentation by Commerce Guys
  • Split up and work on porting many modules from 7.x -> 8.x
Friday July 15th
Acro Fun Day!

Unfortunately this is a private party, but if you’re interested to see how we let loose follow us on Instagram @ acromedia

If you are interested in any of the Drupal Commerce sprint events don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Shawn McCabe

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