Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - April 27th 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - April 27th 2016

Week number 2 and I haven’t forgotten to do this yet, mild success.

Order Locking

Matt Glaman of Commerce Guys did more work on the order locking patch, cleaning up some commenting and splitting out the testing and views functionality. It needs a bit of review but we should finally be able to get this fix into Drupal Commerce core, any extra reviews are appreciated.

Student Projects

Our 2 student projects with Okanagan College wrapped up, doing prototype work on Commerce Product Quality and Commerce Fraud. We will be turning Commerce Product Quality into a stand alone module and making patches to put the Commerce Fraud functionality into the existing Commerce Fraud module.

Commerce Product Quality

This module does some simple auditing of your products to assess their quality from a sales perspective, using metrics like title length, description length, image quality, reviews and video presence. The idea being to help site managers review their products and fix up low performers for conversion and SEO purposes. The module is extendable and hopefully we can add more metrics in the future.

Commerce Fraud

This module uses various metrics to determine an orders likelihood of being fraudulent, it cross references with all your existing orders as well as uses additional stand-alone metrics like order price, shipping location and product types.


We have a booth at DrupalCon and will be wandering around chatting and going to sessions all week. If you want to talk about anything commerce come chat with us at booth 623, right by the all-day coffee stand. The Commerce Guys will also be there, busy hacking away on Commerce 2.x at their booth and trying to find the best artisanal cold brew coffee. We’ll be at the sprints on Friday to work on commerce as well, our Creative Director (if he’s not too hungover) will also be there if you want to talk Commerce UX. Let us know if you’re gonna be around to sprint on Commerce by signing up on the DrupalCon NA Sprint Signup Sheet.

Issue of the Week?

So I’m just making these headings up, but I thought I might do an issue of the week to try and get extra eyes on stuff and call out good patches. This week’s issue is a nice little fix from Joel Pittet that could use some final review. We’ll get to reviewing it in a week or so, but if anyone else is feeling the flow, please go for it, we can always find something else to work on.

Shawn McCabe
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Shawn McCabe

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