Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - August 10th

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - August 10th

Short little update, lots of new releases slated for next week, but outside of POS, releases have been a little thin. The next couple weeks are looking big though, with multiple quickbooks related ones, commerce fraud, another POS and maybe Ebay and Amazon Merchant Services as well.

New Releases

Commerce POS

First off, big thanks to everyone who has been testing and submitting bugs, we’ve been racing along adding features each beta release and sometimes things are not perfect. Everyone who has been upgrading along with us and enduring the bumps, thanks!

Now on to the new features! We now support payment terminals, which means you can push and pull data directly from the POS to payment terminals. We currently have a plugin for Paymentree, which supports a large number of terminals, but the setup allows you to make your own plugin modules for any terminal support you need.


Commerce Fieldgroup Panes

Found a mean little bug in this that caused some cache thrashing and pcambra was nice enough to roll that and a few other fixes into a new release. I’d recommended updating as there are a number of performance improvements.


Commerce Sprint!

Like we were in the damn Olympics! Read the full recap here, but shipping, promotions, migrations, theming, lots and lots of 2.x work got done.

Shawn McCabe
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Shawn McCabe

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