Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - July 7th 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - July 7th 2016

Commerce 2.x Shipping

Work got rolling again on shipping in 2.x, a [META] issue is up outlining the first steps and the pull requests are starting. Feel free to jump in a contribute, I have tried to split up the child tasks into small, easy to pick up chunks. The tentative hope is to have an alpha up in a few weeks.

New Releases

Commerce POS Beta5

Quite the release for Commerce POS this week, 21 different fixes and improvements. The biggest ones are:

  • support for cashiers separate from your drupal login, to flip between cashier codes for recording purposes vs logging in and out for security purposes.
  • Email receipts, now properly generate and send out email receipts for any custom you have an email for.


Drupal 7 and PHP7

PHP 7 will blow your damn socks off! I did some benchmarking this week on both Drupal 7 stock and Drupal Commerce and the performance improvements are frankly a bit insane. See the article for all the details, but we’re looking at 2.5-3x response time improvements pretty much across the board. Also as of today’s Drupal 7.50 release, PHP7 is officially supported.


Commerce sprint week next week! The Commerce Guys will be traveling up to Kelowna, BC, Canada to hang out with us all week for a lot of Commerce 2.x sprinting and planning as well as teaching us more about Commerce 2.x. Also, we’re going to show those yankees the glory that is poutine. If you want to join in, it might be a little late to head to Kelowna, but hop on IRC and we’ll be happy to dole out issues to work on! See our original blog post for more info.

To learn more about Drupal Commerce visit https://www.acromediainc.com/drupal-commerce

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