Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 1st 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 1st 2016

All the news seems to be about POS and 2.x this week, as we’re getting close to 2.x beta and POS has been our current focus of some contrib work internally.

New Releases

Commerce POS

Now actually works nicely on a clean Drupal install and no longer requires Commerce Kickstart. Also some nice little UX improvements.

Commerce Moneris

Important bugfix release, as there was a problem were CVV and AVS would not be passed if logging was enabled.

Upcoming Releases

Commerce Fraud

We’ve got a whole bunch of patches ready to add into Commerce Fraud from the work we did with Okanagan College, look for those hopefully landing in a couple weeks.

Commerce 2.x Beta Blockers

We’re getting close to Beta, there is now an issue setup with the final remaining blockers. Follow it if you want to follow along with commerce progress and pitch in if you can help with development or review.

Commerce 2.x UX

We’ve setup a Commerce 2.x UX Meta Issue to track all the UX work now that 2.x is nearing beta and far enough along to start on beta work. Use the issue for any general UX discussion and link off any specific UX issues to it.

Issue of the Week

Pseudo issue of the week, as in a sandbox instead of an issue, but dilipsingh02 created a Commerce POS contrib module for Authorize.net Card Present, Commerce POS Authorize.Net Card Present. It’s just a sandbox and still needs some work, but glad to have others contributing and some card present functionality would be a big boon to Commerce POS.


Reminder we meet at 1pm PST Wednesday every week to talk Commerce on IRC, #drupal-commerce. Gets a little lonely sometimes so feel free to show up!

To learn more about Drupal Commerce please visit https://www.acromediainc.com/drupal-commerce

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Shawn McCabe

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