Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 23rd 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 23rd 2016

Commerce 2.x

Dev Days are in Milan so there is a lot of Commerce 2.x sprinting going on this week, checkout anything tagged +DevDaysMilan for issues picked out as good sprinting ones.

On the testing front, SimpleTest has almost been completely removed, with the last few stragglers being finished by Dev Days sprinters. Check out Matt Glaman’s excellent post all about it here.

Also, if you put a credit card under your pillow before you go to sleep and dream about commerce, you might just get a payments api for 2.x before next week’s update.

Upcoming Releases

Commerce POS

Big release for Commerce POS coming up, we probably could have done one this week as there is already a lot of new stuff in the -dev branch, but there are a number of big new features sitting almost ready for commit, so figured we’d hold off instead of spamming back to back releases.

  • Search result improvements
  • Cashiers
  • Email receipts
  • Automatic customer creation and lookup, by email or phone number
  • Default payment methods
  • Many under the hood changes and preliminary automated testing.


Commerce Quickbooks Online UI

Finally getting this one finished up to move to full module status, along with some improvements to the underlying Commerce Quickbooks Online. If you’re interested in Quickbooks Online support for Drupal Commerce, please take the module for a spin and report any issues you experience, the more testing the better!


Issue of the Week

Since I spent all last week doing test stuff, lets go with a test issue this week. Cart could use a bit more tests and the work has been started, but needs to be finished up. I found tests are a good place to get into Drupal 8 and Commerce 2.x without being too daunting.


Documentation Spotlight (Updated)

Also known as the Josh Miller show, we’ve got the first few Commerce 2.x tutorial videos recorded, they might not quite make it out by the time this article is up, but only a bit of editing and post production remains. I boldly promised we would do this on a whim during the Commerce Guys 2.x presentation at Drupalcon, so good thing Josh and the marketing team are backing up my big mouth.

Commerce 2.x Download & Install on Drupal 8 - Part 1


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