Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 9th 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - June 9th 2016

Contribute to Commerce 2.x


If you’re feeling bold and you have lots of Drupal 8 skill, you can always check out the Beta Blockers. If you’re a bit newer to Commerce of D8, then there are lots of tests that need updated which is a bit more entry level.


Oh thats right, just because you’re not a developer doesn’t mean you can’t help! There is lots of documentation work to be done as well and you don’t need to be a dev to help out. If you’re interested in this, talk with @MrJoshMiller and he can get you rolling or checkout the documentation meta issue

New Releases

Commerce XLS Import Alpha1

The very first release of our XLS based product import. This module’s aim is to make a customer friendly excel based import, that flags and reports any data validation issue it encounters and provides them back to the user in an annotated version of their import document for them to correct.


Commerce POS Beta4

We’re releasing pretty near every week it seems! This release has support for proper transaction voids and multiple registers per location as its 2 biggest features, see the change log for complete details.


Commerce USPS 2.0

Big Stuff! This release includes some pretty serious re-architecture of the whole module, as well as support for the new API and a slew of bugfixes. Updating is highly recommended because of the API changes. Thanks to @andyg5000 for getting this release rolled out.



Going to try to do up a weekly update on documentation for Commerce as it is a very important but oft forgotten part of development. Josh Miller has just gotten back into the swing of documentation for 2.x, so we’ve only got some formatting changes and cleanup and nothing huge yet, but hopefully more gets done each week! If you notice anything wrong in the documentation you can either submit your own pull request if you’re github savvy, or just create an issue pointing out the problem and we can fix it.


Issue of the Week

This issue is a very simple one about wording on discount compatibility that could just use some feedback from anyone who uses Commerce Discounts. We’re working on fixing up the wording and could use some feedback on the clarity of the new labels.

To learn more about Drupal Commerce please visit https://www.acromediainc.com/drupal-commerce

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Shawn McCabe

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