Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 25th 2016

Busy busy busy! DrupalCon and then I was moving, but I’m BACK!


Finally wrote up a big blog post on fixing locking issues, so now if you search “drupal commerce locking” or “drupal commerce performance” hopefully you get more than nothing at all. More commerce performance posts to come when I get the time.

New Releases

Commerce POS

A number of bugfixes, especially towards installing without Commerce Kickstart. A further batch of fixes should land in the next week and we expect to release a beta3 shortly after that.

Commerce Kickstart

Another release of module security updates, nothing earth shattering.

2.x Update

There were a couple of big blockers related to revisions and translations that were holding things up, but I am happy to report they are now fixed! Big thanks to bojanz and Acquia for the work. This means back to working on Commerce itself and hopefully the payments API will be ready soon.

Issue of the Week

A little shameless self promotion here, I did a little patch up to warn people if they are running commerce with transaction isolation settings that can cause performance issues. I think it would be quite helpful and prevent so many people from fruitless googling and asking questions about deadlock issues.


Reminder, we’re having a Drupal Commerce Camp in Kelowna in July, so talk to us if you’re interested in attending!

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Shawn McCabe
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Shawn McCabe

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