Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 25th 2017

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 25th 2017

The Weekly Updates are Back!

As you probably noticed, the Commerce weekly updates were on hiatus. I have officially pawned off all my difficult work to other staff, so I can get back to doing these! So much to talk about with Commerce 2 on the home stretch and how community contrib has really picked up speed, I will get back to doing these every week.

Commerce POS


We're nearly at Release Candidate 1, which should release by the end of the month. We have only 5 remaining blockers that need to be finished.


After that, we plan to start work on the Drupal 8 version. I have Bojan, from Commerce Guys, tentatively lined up to give us some help with architecture, so hopefully it will mesh very nicely with Commerce 2.x.

Commerce Migrate


u/quietone did a bunch of work on this and, although she is finishing off a client project right now, she will be back on full time contrib shortly and remain so for the rest of the year. Since she works on migrate for core a lot, she's been making really good progress on this.  Bojan and I were shooting for a stable version around late July when Commerce 2.x is expected to release. Right now it has working, but rough, implementations for Ubercart 6, Ubercart 7 and Commerce 1.x. We hope to have versions for Shopify and Magento as well, and there are prototypes already finished.

Commerce Licensing/Recurring


u/Kazanir is working on this, as he wrote the licensing stuff for 1.x and is doing the port to 2.x.  He's newer to Drupal 8 and Commerce 2.x and it's kicking his butt a bit, but he's getting there.  We should be getting an alpha probably within a month.

Commerce 2.x

Some of our new hires are going to be working on this as they are on their last phase of training. They do contrib for a few weeks before jumping into teams to do client work.

Commerce XLS Import


There are a number of patches that have been submitted by other people in the community that need review. I have reviewed a few, but more waiting. Hopefully I get those finished before we leave for IRCE.

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