Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 31st 2017

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 31st 2017

Drupal Commerce Marketing

We are prepping hard this week for IRCE 2017, the big internet retailer show June 6-9th in Chicago, which means readying demos, writing marketing material and practicing pitches. If you will be attending IRCE 2017, come see us at booth 1948 and we'll show you what we've been upto.

While Drupal Commerce offers great features and flexibility, I find people don't know all of its capabilities because the people involved are great at coding, but maybe not so great at marketing. On that note, I thought I would share some of the marketing collateral we've done up for IRCE, all of which we will be providing back to the community so anyone can use it to help sell Drupal Commerce. Our big goal is to have lots of nice web content and even somewhat of a "press kit" that everyone can use to pitch Drupal Commerce to their clients, bosses, friends, family, casual acquaintences, etc.

We have a whole bunch of material written up, as well as a nice Commerce 2.x demo. We're still in the mad rush of finishing it up, so it isn't all available yet, but it will be available over the next few weeks (stay tuned).

Without further rambling, here is our first go at a feature list for Drupal Commerce 2.x. I have provided a PDF and source text at the bottom of this article, should you want to use this content in your own marketing. Also, if you have any feedback, feel free to email, tweet @shawnmmccabe, yell at me on the street or use our contact form.



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Shawn McCabe

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