Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 4th 2016

Drupal Commerce Weekly Update - May 4th 2016

Busy as all hell to get this out before DrupalCon, so this will just be a lot of quick housekeeping and some announcements.

New Releases

Commerce Authorize.net

Updates to use the new API endpoints as required by authorize.net, recommended to update promptly as the old endpoints will be discontinued by June 1st 2016. This release also contains a number of bugfixes.


Commerce Features

Commerce Checkout Panes and Commerce Payment Rules are both exportable now.


Issue of the Week

Compatibility settings other than "all" causes Discount+Coupon to be removed

Could use some extra testing and feedback on this patch to finally get compatibility fixed up on Commerce Discounts.


DrupalCon Reminder

DrupalCon New Orleans next week! We’ve got a booth (#623 to be exact) right by the Commerce Guys and Platform.sh, in the Commerce Quarter.

We’re Going Sprinting!

So the Commerce Guys are coming up to Kelowna in July to do some hardcore sprinting on Drupal Commerce 2.x with us, check out our blog post on it.

Commerce 2.x

So gonna cheat a little and include some 2.x news, Alpha4 released late last week and it has checkout! Imagine that, ecommerce with checkout :) Seriously though, it is a big jump and worth checking out. We’re going to try to have a follow-up UX post in a week or two, but right now it’s mostly just framework and not all sexed up yet. Big shoutout to Matt and Bojan at Commerce Guys who have been rocking a ton of Commerce 2.x work as of late.

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