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May 18, 2016
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Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization — Using Urgency to Sell More Products

Let’s learn how to boost your ecommerce conversions by creating a sense of urgency that makes the customer buy sooner than later. I know, this sounds like pure evil, and that’s because it is… in a good way.

Why Does Urgency Increase Conversion Rate on Your Ecommerce Store?

Research has shown that “urgent situations cause us to suspend deliberate thought and to act quickly”.

When you create a sense of urgency on your website you are increasing the chances of motivating the visitor to take the next action. This can work in many situations such as buying products, opting into an email form, or whatever action you create urgency around.

Note: Urgency does not help persuade someone to buy if they are not interested in your product. The customer/visitor must already be interested in your product for urgency to have an effect. All you are doing with urgency is stopping the interested customer from delaying or procrastinating their purchase (“I will buy this later”).

When you want to sell more of your products online procrastination is the enemy, build urgency!

Use The Right Words

When writing the content for your website make sure to write copy that will gear your customers into taking action. Vishal Ray Malik, founder of Conversion Link noted that urgency is a huge driving factor when writing effective sales copy for your website. Here is a list of words that he recommends using throughout your website to build a sense of urgency for your customers.

  • Hurry
  • Last Chance
  • Don’t Delay
  • Don’t Miss Out
  • Instantly
  • One Day Only
  • Limited Time
  • Offer Expires
  • Now
  • Ends Today
  • Deadline
  • Act Now

Start using these words next time you are trying to sell something on your ecommerce website and see how it affects your conversions.  

Note: Don’t just pick some of those phrases and leave your website hoping it will convert better. Not everything was created equal, so run A/B tests to see which types of urgency builders work best on your site.  

Limited Time Offers

This one is a no-brainer. When you have a limited time offer you are creating urgency towards the fact that the customer just might miss out on something special if they do not act now.

Here are a couple different methods for creating urgency towards a limited time offer.

Discounted products
Example: Save 30% on our designer jeans now! This offer ends in 24 hours so act now.

Something like this can even be enhanced by having some sort of timer or count down on the website.

(image source:

The timer works great for visually showing the customer how much time they have before they miss out on an opportunity that they just might not get again.

Another option instead of having a countdown timer could be restricting the amount of products being sold at this price and then visually display this on the product page. Once the products are low on stock it creates a great sense of urgency that the customer could potentially miss out if they don’t order right away(view example below).

(image source:

First Time Visitors
Offer a discount or coupon for first time visitors in exchange for an email address. This is a great way to capture new visitors, whether they purchase right away or not you have them in your email list.

Pro Tip: Don’t keep creating new sales or “once in a lifetime opportunity” type deals often just so you can create urgency on your website. This will get old and customers will stop believing you. The reason urgency and limited time offers work so well is because they don’t happen that often.

What Now?

Now that you have the knowledge and understanding as to why urgency can increase sales and boost conversions you need to start implementing this into your own ecommerce website and see what works for you.

Try changing up the wording on your website build more urgency, add countdown timers for special offers and show customers how many products are left in stock and see what happens.

Test, test and test more and see what works for you.

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