Generation X — Not to be Forgotten in the Digital World!

Generation X — Not to be Forgotten in the Digital World!

It would be a mistake to forget about the “forgotten generation” when considering any digital or online strategies. If you are wondering how Gen X got their nickname, well, just try searching for some solid statistics in Google. A Gen X search usually comes back with something like “How to Maximise Millennials” or “Who are Baby Boomers?”. So, who is this mysterious “forgotten generation” and why are they put on the back burner when it comes to technology and digital marketing?

Born between 1965 and 1979, Generation X has been following behind in the shadows of the all mighty Baby Boomers, patiently waiting for a big opportunity to arise in the corporate world. Gen X wants the freedom to be innovative, but they dont often get these opportunities because Baby Boomers are still the corporate leaders. But Generation X has overcome these career setbacks and have in turn become a very independent bunch that do not require constant guidance. An asset in the workplace if you ask me.

Basically, if you haven't been paying attention to Gen X up until this point, it would be wise to start doing so now. This generation will soon be moving into big decision making roles, if they aren't already there. Many in this generation have opted to work for smaller start up companies so that they can move into a position of power, sooner.

So why is it important to consider Generation X when building your digital strategy?

  • Gen Xers are just as tech savvy as Millennials
  • Mobile and Tablet usage are virtually the same between Gen Xers and Millennials
  • They respond very well to email marketing
  • A strong Facebook presence is seen among Gen Xers
  • They are brand loyal and are willing to pay more if they trust a company
  • Spend up to 37 hours online every month
  • Frequently research products online

It is also important to note that Millennials are not very receptive to online advertising. A 2013 survey by SocialChorus found that just 6% of Millennials trust traditional online ads, but Gen X is much more willing to accept online advertising. They respond well to deals and offers, so be sure to include some enticing information in your ads.

Furthermore, when you and your company are building a new online strategy and are considering tactics like a new ecommerce website and whether or not to make it responsive, don't forget to consider Generation X. This demographic will help to justify these decisions because of their mobile usage and online shopping habits. Targeting this generation will be very beneficial in the coming years as they become key decision makes.

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Luke Scott
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Luke Scott

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