Is your Site Traffic High, but Conversion Rates are Declining?

Is your Site Traffic High, but Conversion Rates are Declining?

If you build it, they will come. If you build it right, they will convert!

Site traffic is a big deal, but driving traffic to a website that does not convert is a waste of time and money. Are you seeing a decline in conversions, but your overall site traffic is still high?

Competition moves fast these days, real fast! And competitors are constantly on the hunt for new and innovative ways to make themselves stand out.

It might seem like yesterday that you finished sprucing up your website to make usability and the overall customer experience better, but like I said, the competition moves fast. One morning, while you’re browsing your favorite news site on your tablet, you notice an ad off to the right of your screen. It looks like a new competitor. Curious, you click on the ad...After about 5 minutes you come through and proceed to pick your jaw up off of the floor...everything about this site is brilliant! The user experience is fantastic from the get go. You ask yourself “why didn't I think of this?”

This is why it is extremely important for companies to not just simply pay attention to website traffic, but also determine different correlations that help to provide a look at the big picture.

Now you’re probably asking yourself “if my traffic levels are still high, why is my bounce rate on the rise and why are users spending less and less time on my site pages?"

Here are a couple of reasons why this might be happening:

  • Too complicated - simplify your site! Websites are getting easier and easier to use, making people less and less patient when they land on a site that is slow and difficult to navigate. The odds are they will bounce off and end up on a competitors site.
  • Outdated design - the design does not quickly and clearly direct the user to what they are supposed to do. Having clear, visible calls-to-action is the first thing you want a user to notice.
  • The site lacks modern features - 90% of Americans reported using multiple screens sequentially, so being mobile friendly is a must. Responsive design is essential in this day and age. Other features like sticky headers and creative navigational elements are a big help too.
  • Searching is too complicated - there might be too many ways to initiate a search on your site. This should be quick and simple, and direct the user immediately.
  • No usability testing - regular website user testing is a great way to determine if users are still easily able to achieve their goals.

So before this happens to you, take the time to reevaluate your site. Ask yourself what it is that your site is truly supposed to do, but don't just rely on your own judgement. Test it! Get second opinions! And start taking full advantage of your site traffic!

If your site is suffering from any of these problems, please feel free to reach out to Acro Media for some friendly advice.

Luke Scott
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Luke Scott

, Project Manager
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