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October 31, 2014
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Is Your Website Haunted by these Out of Date design Trends?

If this morning you put on bell bottom pants and a ruffled shirt I hope its part of your Halloween costume. Much like fashion trends web design has it’s do’s and don’ts, and what once passed as hip and trendy is making its way to the thrift store.

Don’t be haunted by outdated design trends that cause poor user experience, and high bounce rates. It’s important to keep your site’s design and functionality current with the needs of your users and the goal of your business. Here are a few design trends that could be haunting your site and scaring your users away!

Stock Photos - Images are a great way to liven up your website and convey messages without being too text heavy. However using standard stock photos that are cheesy and unrealistic are damaging your rep. Vistors can spot stock photos from miles away and they will ignore them knowing that the image doesn’t represent your company or what you can do. Instead utilize real work pics/examples or create custom graphics that better define you!

Flash Intros - You know that super cool flash intro on your homepage that you think makes you look cutting egde? Well it doesn’t. Flash is going the way of the dinosaurs for a few simple but important reasons:

  • They add to page loading time, ain’t nobody got time for that!
  • Most mobile devices don’t support flash
  • Not recognized by Google and could hurt your SEO efforts

Long Winded Text - Get to the point. Short concise paragraphs. Make it easy to skim to find important info. Keep mobile users in mind!

  • Bullet points

Autoplay Videos - This is just obnoxious. Using videos to promote your business is a great tool and you can have them all over your site just don’t try and force people to watch them.

Huge Header Images - A superficial concept, you hope your striking good looks will make the visitor fall in love with your products without any actual context. While this may work in fairy tales it won’t here. Simplify your header, bring your navigation and content above the fold and let people see how great you are on the inside.

Unwanted Pop Ups - Much like the autoplay videos these are quite annoying. These little pop up windows that beg people to “Join our Newsletter” reak of desperation. Play it cool, use simple CTA’s throughout the site that aren’t so invasive.

Unnecessary Elements - Once again I can smell your desperation from here! Don’t just fill your pages with irrelevant elements just because you think they look cool. Use features that add to the user’s experience. Ask yourself what your goals are for the site and choose the elements that will help bring the result.

Think your site may be haunted and in need of some help? Who ya gonna call? Acro Media!

Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend! And if you feel like your website or business may be haunted by REAL ghosts please don’t call us, that sounds downright terrifying and we can’t help with that.

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