Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Google Says Adapt or Die as of April 21

Is Your Website Mobile Optimized? Google Says Adapt or Die as of April 21

It’s not often that Google gives us SEO nerds a heads up on changes to their ranking algorithms, but this is an exception. Google is actually telling everyone that being mobile friendly will be a significant ranking factor as of April 21, 2015.

So you’re probably thinking what impact this will have? That part we are kept in the dark about but Google has stated that this update will have a “significant” impact on search results. What Google means by “significant” is unknown, but you can bet nearly every site on the web will be affected in some way by this update with potentially huge impacts on sites that are not mobile friendly.

Here are the things we know for sure:

  • Google is factoring mobile-friendliness into it’s ranking signals in a much bigger way as of April 21, 2015.
  • This will affect worldwide results (many changes only affect certain languages or regions)
  • The effect will be seen more on mobile search results than desktop results.
  • It will also affect app results if the user has a corresponding app installed.
  • This algorithm is not a sliding scale type change. It’s an on or off. Either your site is mobile friendly or it’s not. No in between.

What does this mean for you? Well this your site mobile friendly? If so, you probably have nothing to worry about. If anything this should help your site in organic rankings. That is...assuming you have other aspects of your SEO in order.

If not, and having a web presence is important to you, you need to make your site responsive asap as possible. Hint hint, we can guide you in the right direction :)

You can test your site to see if it conforms with Google’s view of being mobile friendly here Even if your site is responsive or you have a dedicated mobile version, this tool will help you find possible mobile issues.

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