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July 8, 2014
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LinkedIn — Not to be Forgotten!

LinkedIn’s popularity is seeing some big gains amongst marketers lately. Many had ruled out the social platform’s capabilities until recently. Maybe this is because Twitter and Facebook are constantly stealing the spotlight with their enhanced advertising updates, or maybe it is because there haven’t been sufficient LinkedIn numbers to act on until recently. Despite all of this, the time has come to start paying attention to the marketing capabilities that LinkedIn has to offer — especially if you’re a business.

Here are some important tips to consider when using LinkedIn for marketing:

The Big Dogs —  Twitter and Facebook are the ‘big dogs’ when it comes to social sharing, but LinkedIn takes the cake when it comes to driving traffic to a site’s homepage -  In a study conducted over the past two years, LinkedIn drove 47% more referrals to corporate homepages than Facebook, and 50% more than Twitter.

Time is Everything — Avoid evenings and weekends when marketing on LinkedIn. Mornings and mid day are the busiest times, so posting during these times is the best way to ensure that the largest number of your target audience is seeing your message.

Strength in Numbers — Try to post as many as 20 times each month. This is not to say that you should be posting just for the sake of posting: Post as much as your content can support. LinkedIn has found that 20 posts a month will get you in front of 60% of your audience, or close to it.

Improve Engagement — Find tips on how to improve your engagement in LinkedIn Analytics. Once logged on to the company page, Analytics is right next to Home. Monitoring the success of each post is also important in understanding which tactics are working, and which are not.

Sponsor your Updates — An awesome tool for getting your content in front of a bigger audience faster, is the LinkedIn Sponsor Update. This can be a blog post that drives your audience directly to your site; or an article that simply improves brand awareness.

Overall, LinkedIn is a great tool for businesses which are striving to increase their online presence, and should definitely be included in your social media strategy. Acro Media knows a thing or two about setting up these types of strategies, so hit us up for a free consultation!

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