#mobilegeddon All It Was Hyped To Be?

#mobilegeddon All It Was Hyped To Be?

It’s now a little over a month since Google’s mobile friendliness algorithm rolled out and we now have some definitive stats on the impacts of this latest algorithm update. So how has this update changed the search results?

Branded Keywords

Little to no effect whatsoever. This really comes as no surprise. At the end of the day Google wants the user to find what they want, so if a branded keyword is searched, you are still going to be top position...even if you’re not mobile friendly.

Non-Branded Keywords

These have to be broken down a little further.

  • Were you already a strong leader in search before this update?
  • If you were, you probably have seen little or no drop in traffic
  • Were you middle of the pack or lower?
  • You have probably seen a drop in impression and traffic through mobile
  • Traffic through desktop has probably stayed very stable

Some Real World Positive Stats

These stats are from our very own site (one of the biggest changes among all of our clients) This first graph shows total impressions for the last 90 days. Pretty linear growth overall. No major spikes or drops over the last 90 days.


When we remove desktop impressions the graph changes dramatically. Up to a 250% increase in the mobile impressions overnight.


Real World Negative Stats

With the positives, come the negative. Here is an example of an e-commerce site that thought it was a good idea to save their money rather than make their site mobile friendly. More than a 60% drop in mobile impressions within 2 weeks with no sign of recovery.


What impact did this drop have on traffic and more importantly sales?


Going Mobile Friendly is the Clear Choice

Although you may not have seen a large drop in traffic right now, as the world goes increasingly mobile, you will eventually get left behind. We’ve seen this over and over as technologies get adopted and phased out (remember flash?)

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