Not Everyone Learns the Way You Do

When you build a website, do you consider who you are communicating with? Most people build websites with structure and content that fits their needs, instead of their prospects. It’s so difficult to separate yourself from all the experience and knowledge you have of your own products and services. How do you get inside of the heads of your target market to view your business with the same perspective they have?

The first thing you need to do is to figure out who you are marketing to:

  • Do you know their personality type?
  • Have you sat down and talked with them?
  • Do you know their interests?
  • How do they like to learn?
  • Do you know how they make decisions?
  • Are they super analytical and like tons of facts?
  • Do they make quick decisions based on straight to the point information?
  • Is it all about the relationship, experience and collaboration?

Bonding and rapport is where a sale is made and if you are presenting your information for a learning style and personality type that is completely different than that of your target market then you’ve completely abandoned them. The connection is lost. For example, someone in a leadership position like a president or CEO is typically a big picture thinker, who has little time for detail and scans content quickly for bullet points, headlines and bold text that relates to their needs. On the opposite end of the spectrum, someone in IT who works on computers all day thinks micro and once they find what they are looking for they will want tons of specifications and details.

In most cases, you will likely have to consider multiple personality types and learning styles for the same website. Presenting content that meets all the different styles sounds complicated, but is not difficult if you break it down. There are essentially 4 types of personalities:

  • Methodical, detailed and fact driven.
  • Spontaneous and emotional.
  • Competitive, quick and decisive.
  • Emotional, slow and deliberate.

Who are you marketing to and how can you start delivering content to meet their needs?

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