Some Things Never Change – Google Is Not One Of Them

Some Things Never Change – Google Is Not One Of Them

As many of us already know, Google is constantly changing, similar to the changing seasons here in Western Canada — one November morning, out of nowhere, you walk outside and are greeted with a cold, hard, slap in the face from your old pal, winter. Sometimes in the digital world, Google offers up similar surprises, and often just as cold.

This is why it is important for companies to determine if the resources they are relying on to make their Adwords campaign a success, are truly genuine.

So how can you help add some more legitimacy to your company? Getting Google Certified is a great way to demonstrate your company's competence in this area.

Being Google Certified is also a great way to stay current and provide a little bit of extra exposure for your company, or the company that you work for. 

The process isn't the easiest, and the added 500 pages of technical reading followed by two exams may awaken feelings of anxiety that you thought you buried deep within yourself after your college days. However once you have passed both exams, you become Google Certified, and your company or the company that you work for becomes eligible for Google Partnership, so it is definitely worthwhile.

It may seem like a bit of a daunting process at the beginning, but Google has one of the most well-known accreditation programs.

Benefits of being a Google Certified Partner:

  • Access to a trusted and verifiable Certified badge
  • A public listing in the Google Analytics Partner Gallery
  • Insight into the product roadmap and early access to features
  • Invitation to exclusive events available only to GA Certified Partners
  • Support for difficult technical questions
  • Contact with the Analytics Engineering, Product Management and Marketing team
  • Possible speaking opportunities at Google events
  • Possible client referrals

So when it comes time for your annual review, and your boss asks “in what ways are you an asset to this company”, what are you going to say? Well, you can start with “ I put in the extra time this year to get myself Google Certified, which helped us become a Google Partner, which helped us gain credibility, which increased business and helped us gain new customers...”, and you can bet that helping to grow yourself and your company will work WONDERS when it comes time to asking for that pay increase.

Even if you think you’re a Google master, I’ll bet that there are still a few beneficial features that you don't know about. Becoming Google Certified will provide you with the necessary resources to discover these mythical creatures features.

Acro Media is Google Certified, so please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, or if you're looking for that genuine company to work with.

Luke Scott
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Luke Scott

, Project Manager
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