Understanding the Elements of an Effective Discovery & Strategy Phase

Understanding the Elements of an Effective Discovery & Strategy Phase

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An effective Discovery & Strategy phase is a guided process through a number of exercises that provides the tools to help you uncover the specifics of your needs, whether you know them yet or not.

In this webinar, Jeff Schaffner, Senior Business Developer at Acro Media and host of the Exploring Ecommerce podcast, explains that the outcome of an effective discovery and strategy is often a mix of technical and creative elements that are used to create your project’s development roadmap.

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A specific discovery and strategy phase is an important part of any large development project. It allows all parties involved (stakeholders, project managers, designers, software developers, etc.) to clearly understand the technical and creative aspects of the project before any actual development happens. It efficiently maps out how the project development should proceed.

In this 22 minute webinar, Jeff explains why discovery and strategy is an important piece of any project, large or small. He then proceeds to walk you through the entire sequence of events and the processes and exercises that happen at each step.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar include:

  • When a discovery and strategy phase required
  • What components make up an effective discovery and strategy phase
  • The project canvas, information architecture, user stories, prototyping
  • Technical specifications and architecture

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Acro Media has spent the last 20+ years developing a project development method that is 100% client focused. It empowers our clients with the freedom to control their development roadmap and develop solutions tailored to their business needs. We invite you to explore how our method is designed to provide transparency and deliver a successful project.

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