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November 20, 2014
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Why an Online Marketing Agency is better than a Full Time Employee

So you’ve read the title, now you’ve either clicked because you’re

  1. intrigued
  2. pissed, or
  3. indifferent, you probably don’t really have invested interest in marketing agencies but you are bored at work and found an interesting read that will hopefully eat up at least 5 minutes of your day.

If you are a current marketing manager or online marketing personnel and you are in fact B) pissed, let me explain first before you get too mad.

Now to be clear I am not saying anyone needs to be fired or pushed out of their current positions to make way for an agency. Marketing managers and coordinators are still needed within companies to execute “offline” marketing strategies and streamline all marketing efforts to ensure cohesiveness and amplification. However what I am saying is that there is a discussion to be had when companies are deciding on their online marketing strategies and how best to execute them; full time employee vs. agency.

Lets go through some key decisions that need to be made.

Decision 1 - I need an online marketing strategy!
You’re thinking that sales could use a pick me up and the only thing missing from your marketing strategy is an online campaign. So where to begin?

Scenario 1 - You have a current marketing manager but they don’t have much digital marketing experience. You have 2 options…

Hire an Online Marketing Genius
Spend hours writing a job description (even though you don’t FULLY know what is entailed because 1. You don’t know what you even want to do with online marketing and 2. You’re not really sure of the skills needed). Now you collect a whole whack of resumes and spend hours reading through and narrowing down the candidates and again spend more hours interviewing in depthly because training and development is expensive so you want to pick the right person. Finally after about 30hrs of your time... Success! You have found the perfect candidate, and it’s only going to cost you around $49,000 in salary based on industry average salaries (this number is about equal to a 12 month marketing campaign through Acro Media).


Speak with a web development company with an impressive digital marketing dept.
Let’s use Acro Media as an example. You reach out to one of our Business Developers and let them know your thoughts about an online marketing strategy. That’s when our instincts kick in, now its our job to interview you. What are your “pain points”? What are your business goals/objectives? What are you hoping to gain from online marketing? Once we have that info we can decide if we are the best fit for you, because we won’t take your money unless we know we can provide the solutions you’re looking for.

Scenario 2 - You have a current marketing manager and they have a good grasp on digital marketing concepts and execution. That’s great but ask yourself.. Do they have the time to dedicate to an online strategy? An issue most companies have is individual time management and wearing too many hats. The overwhelming to-do list can feel like a losing battle with quicksand, and the frustration of never moving ahead can make for a hostile work environment for all members of the company.

Now again you could hire a new employee, and spend all those hours in the hiring and training process. Or you could look to an established agency that already has the team and assets in place to get going right away!

Decision 2 - Lets create an online marketing strategy!
Its time to create an online strategy that will best achieve your marketing goals whether its ROI, brand awareness, increase traffic, etc. This is where your marketing manager (despite having digital experience or not) plays a major role.

The marketing manager would work closely with an agency to determine top level marketing objectives and how to utilize a digital strategy to amplify any “offline” strategies or promotions.

The creation of an online marketing strategy can be as in depth as you need, but it also doesn’t have to happen right away. The good thing with an agency is you have the flexibility to invest a little or a lot, you don’t have to commit to a $49,000 fee right away without actually seeing results first.

Decision 3 - Lets execute an online marketing strategy!
Its time to get to work, you want to put your plan into action. Now again lets just take a look at 2 scenarios:

Scenario 1 - Your current marketing manager or new employee is heading up this awesome digital marketing project. But as they move forward they realize they need some additional assets, for example:

  • Display Ads, Banner Ads, Rich Media (Guess you’re paying for a graphic designer)
  • Online Marketing Software (You may need to pay for a Premium Plan)
  • Website Updates (Do you have the development skills in house?)

Unless you have found a super marketing employee that comes fully equipped with graphic design and web development skills, and licensing to the top marketing software you are looking at incurring some additional costs here.

Scenario 2 - An experienced Agency comes with all the bells & whistles! And we have the understanding of various campaign types to foresee any creative or development work that may be needed and these are almost always included in the up front contract.

I would hope by now that you aren’t still upset but rather impressed and you can see why I made such a bold statement. All businesses are different and your decisions will be built on all sorts of unique factors so I just wanted to provide a little insight into agencies vs. employees (my opinion may be a tad bias but its my blog so I can write what I want).

As not just a digital marketing agency but a full service online development agency we at Acro Media understand all the different facets of an online business. At the end of the day you are not just our client but our partner, and we want your business to grow as much as you do (possibly even more).

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